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In the pictures you will see a home that had high radon levels. Certified IAQ installed a Radon Mitigation System by securing a suction point through the sump pump and sealing. This is a common method used with sump pump.

Many homes are now being built with Radon Resistant New Construction or a Passive System installed during the building process. In the pictures below you will see a before and after of a passive system that was activated by Certified IAQ Professionals. If you have a passive system make sure you are activating it within your warranty or upfront. Majority (75% or more) of the passive systems are installed by the plumber and not a Certified Radon Mitigation Tech.

Passive System Before

Passive System After

Sealed Sump with Radon 

Mold testing/remediation

In the pictures you will see images of Air Samples being taken for Mold Testing or Surface Samples if mold is present. You will also see before and after pictures of mold remediation products we have helped clients with. 

When people think of Colorado many think that it is too dry in Colorado for mold, however, that is not the case. A water issue or mold issue isn't always easy to detect. 

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